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An excerpt from

Chapter One


The Journey, Going East


    They strolled by Aunt Jemima’s house,  a rustic brown log cabin. On the porch rocked Mrs. Butterworth. Those two were always gabbing. The jolly rancher called to them, "Have you kids seen my rake?" "Over yonder, Mr. Goodbar.  You left it by the lake."



An excerpt from
Chapter Two


The Family and the Feast


    Mother Helen turned to Wendy, "You've got to try my pork." 

Loudly, Long John Silver choked on rice and dropped his fork.

He slowly bowed his prune-like face and leaned to kiss his wife.

Sara picked rice off his beard and then he dropped his knife.

An excerpt from
Chapter Three


The Wedding and Roast Beast


    Folks fought about whose ham was best, Aunt Belle's or Cousin Nathan's. They almost had a brawl out back - a chance with odd relations. Nathan grabbed a Tex-Mex plate, such spicy taste and smell. He brought extras to the table.  "Why not try a taco, Belle?"

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