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5.0 out of 5 stars “Fantastic job! A fun Adventure!” December 5, 2013

by Danita Ellis, KIDS BOOK REVIEW


When I saw this book come up for review I was excited for yet another kids book. I was interested to read it to see how the author would place all of these food references into her book. I got the book, opened the package and sat down with my 8 year old daughter. She read along with me and LOVED the "hidden picture" type adventure that is laced throughout the book.


There are pictures of all kinds of tasty treats that you can look for as well as word references to many more foods, fast-food restaurants, brand names of foods etc. Barbara Ann Bonilla does a fantastic job of telling a cute story while integrating all kinds of fun and tasty treats! Both my daughter and I enjoyed reading the story and she has gone back several times to try and find all of the food references, in name or in picture. It has been a fun adventure looking for these hidden references.  


5.0 out of 5 stars  “A great gift for your favorite little one!” December 8, 2013

by Rhonda, FRUGAL MOMS

This was one of the most original thought out books I have ever read!  I actually read it more than once.  I can honestly say I was starved when I finished reading it!

The author did a terrific job keeping your attention throughout from the beginning to the end.  As I read the story to my oldest, there were a few times we had to stop and think, "now what restaurant was that?".  

You could make this book a game by reading aloud and seeing who can identify the restaurant.

This would definitely make a great gift for your favorite little one!


5.0 out of 5 stars  " . . very amusing and thoughtfully written!” December 18, 2013

Lauren Monsley Nagel - READ MORE BOOKS


This book is a very amusing and thoughtfully written story is written in rhyme using the brand names of every kind of snack, cookie, candy bar, and restaurants. This book is going to make many children laugh out loud when they read this.  It is a wacky story and fun to read. It's quite creative and very clever. This is book that all kids including grownups would enjoy reading a couple of times, in my opinion. 
 There are so many references to food throughout the book, at least a hundred or more. The pictures are adorable and colorful and all drawn by the author, Barbara Ann Bonilla. I would be willing to bet that she had a great time coming up with all these funny rhymes.
This will entertain almost all ages. Great gift idea and perfect for that special someone with a sweet tooth!



4.0 out of 4 stars "This story is anything but ordinary!” December 15, 2013

Lynda's Amazon Author's Page - Breeze's Review

The story of Wendy and her adventure is one that will not soon be forgotten. The layout of the book was interesting; there are interactive questions that begin the start of a new chapter which I found fun to share with my daughter. I love children’s stories that help parents to interact with their children and this one certainly was good for that. You children will hear the names of many different places and things they are familiar with which will keep them interested.  This book would make a fun gift for any child in your life. 


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