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Bennigan  Family  Favorites 



 Sometimes we prepare our menus in advance for a full week. Everyone gets to include their FAVORITE choices!

Here are a few stories from the family on how they made their picks.



Carl Jr's


"Don't be lazy" SUNDAY GRAVY


    Carl’s Grandpa took him hunting to find rabbits for his stew.  Instead Carl brought them home as pets to learn what rabbits do.  Often they’d go fishing in the pond or on the lake. Once they caught and roasted a tasty rattlesnake!

    But the children didn’t like those selections and asked Carl to go in a different direction. So, no more frogs, rabbits or snakes. (The kid’s prefer spaghetti or steaks.)


    Now the meal Carl likes to cook the most is spaghetti with tomato sauce.  His meatballs are the best – hands down! (Use the five second rule if one lands on the ground.)

“Make it on Sunday,” Carl would say.  “To get it right could take all day."



Big Boy's Favorite

"Cry for Mama!" Two-Tone LASAGNE


    When Big Boy tried this two sauce lasagna, he really did cry out for Mama. (He stuck in his finger way too soon, and if you did that, you’d get burned too!) Mom gave him a band aid for his finger (but still the pain of course would linger.) As soon as Helen left the room, he tried again – but with a SPOON!

Helen's Favorites 

"For goodness sake!" Cream CHEESE CAKE

    Helen brought food to the Church Pot Luck Dinners. Her homemade desserts could turn saints into sinners. The favorite of all was this creamy cheese cake, which happens to be very easy to make. And, Helen’s best advice for you? “Have your cake and eat it too!”


"My oh my!" Flounder FISH FRY

    With sweet little Helen only always in tow, Sara would teach her to bake, cook and sew.  So, Helen began as a tiny tot.  Her Easy Bake Oven caught fire a lot!  If Helen messed up her one meal of the day, Big Daddy would eat it all anyway.  He’d smile at her, saying, “What a fine lunch! That was delicious!  Thank you so much!”

    One thing's for sure of their most favorite dish – when Helen fried up Daddy's freshly caught fish.


Sara Lee's Favorite

"Better eat these!" Baby Green PEAS

    Though cooking is fun, how does one find the time? One tip is to let the ingredients shine. Mostly use fresh – whatever’s on sale. Choose leafy greens like spinach and kale. Veggies in cans can often work well, like peas and baked beans that the grocery stores sell. Sarah has one more thing to mention, “Don’t overlook the freezer section!”

   When eating greens, kids say, “I’m unable!” But this plate of peas has them run to the table. Add some onions and spice, and then mix it up quick. The secret is nutmeg that does the trick! 

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