~ Bennigan  Family  Favorites ~


Tasted-tested and compiled by Wendy May White (Bennigan)

   Here's what's happening this week!





CARL’s  -  “Don’t be lazy”  - It’s SUNDAY  Gravy!

(slow cooked with tomatoes, onions,  sausage and meatballs)

BIG BOY’s  -  “Cry for Mama” – Two-tone Lasagna

DENNY’s  -  "Better get ready" - Confetti Spaghetti
MINI’s  -  “Teeny weeny” Tomato Linquini

MIKE's:  - “Grab the ladle" -  Fettuccini Alfredo

ORVILLE”s:  - "Kick in the head" -  Garlic Bread

HELEN's  - "For goodness sake"- Cream Cheese Cake

GO Meatless
(from too much on Sunday!)

WENDY's -"Always a winner" - Rice and Beans Dinner

3 MUSKETEERS – 3 Cheers! Pasta Ears with Broccoli Spears

STEWY’s - "Of course you do" - Zucchini Stew
SLIM JIM's -   “Easy peasy” - Veggies and Cheeses

MARY JANE's -   "Jump in the lake" - Ice Cream Cake


Finger Lickin'

DENNY’s  - “There’s no fakin’” – Meatloaf in Bacon

JIM’s -  "Save some for later"- Mashed up Taters

JACK’s  -  “More if you please” - Mac and Cheese

DOT's -  "Have a heart" - Chicken Pot Tarts

MIKE’s – “Finger lickin'” - Baked up Chicken

ORVILLE’s - “Sure enough” – Vanilla Cream Puffs

 Soup and Sammies
 ( in your jammies )

JACK's-"Pull my finger" - Black Bean Soup Dinner

WENDY's - "Don't be a Chicken” and Vegetables Soup

PENNY’S – “Stay in the loop” – Mixed Peppers Soup

DENNY’s – I like it the most” - Grilled Cheese Toast

TOOTSIE’s  - “Write me a ballad” - Tuna Fish Salad
ORVILLE’s – “Hens can't sing” - Deviled Egg Ring

LOLLY's  - "Don't miss a bite" - Brownie Delight

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