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A FUN and TASTY Read for Eaters of ALL Ages!


Well-read foodies savor the tasty prose in this new children's book.


The hidden food references, FIFTY full-color illustrations and sing-song prose make

"The Wacky World Of Wendy White! A Whopper of a Tale!"

 a treat for the eyes, ears and brain. The beautiful, full color book is boiling over with snappy 

rhyming prose, fresh illustration and a heaping helping of saucy humor.


This FAST-paced FOOD adventure will have you coming back for seconds.


      Peppered with dozens of unexpected food references and marinated in tangy prose, this unique story is a tasty

take on the traditional children's tale. Whipped up by first-time author and bona fide foodie Barbara Ann Bonilla, 

“The Wacky World of Wendy White!” tells the story of two very different families' struggles and successes.

The tale centers on 12-year-old Wendy White, a girl of simple tastes, who steps away from the White castle in

search of fun ,food, adventure and camaraderie.


      Wendy's journey through many miles and years brims with unexpected turns – and a chance at the family she always dreamed about. “The Wacky World of Wendy White!” offers readers young and old a delicious tale with warm lessons

in the virtue of patience, persistence and optimism. It's a wonderful story to be enjoyed time and time again.


Here's  what  we're  hearing  about  this  delicious  saga:


"It made my mouth water!"   Rachael Raise


"I hear she wrote it on a bus!"  J.K. Howlings


"It made me laugh out loud."  Jerry  Signfelt


"It made me cry."  Plate-o


"Provocative  . . .  in a wholesome way."   E.L.  Flames


"Awesome rhyming! Perfect timing! I loved it from start to finish! Now I might even eat spinach." Dr. Sluessed


"I enjoyed the food references, but they all tasted like chicken."   Wolfgang Cluck



















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