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A Whopper of a Tale!



“I haven't seen a book that motivated children to be involved with food in such a fun way.”

Mark Max




" . . . the design of this book was beautiful. . Really, it was astounding. It was like a puzzle in every sentence. Rather impressive.  




“. . .  is fresh, innovative, creative, laugh out loud funny and will make your mouth water with this spin on pop culture cuisine. It’s a juvenile fiction book, which even adults will enjoy.”

Katherine Moser



"This will entertain almost all ages. Great gift idea and perfect for that special someone with a sweet tooth."

Lauren Monsley Nagel, READ MORE BOOKS

“. . . It is 100% successful.”  This is

a clever, very fun story and should

join the library of every family's

home where children (of all ages!) live. 

Grady Harp



"This was one of the most original thought out books I have ever read!"

Rhonda, Frugal Moms



FIVE  Star Reviews



     "This witty story is brilliant.  This is 

     the most delighful children's book 

     that I have read in a long time." 

     Jaylynn Patterson




"A delicious read! This is definitely an adventure you need to take your child on as you read this wonderful book.”

 Sandra K. Stiles



"This story is anything but ordinary! This book would make a fun gift for any child in your life." 
Lynda, Breeze’s Review




"I've never read a book quite

like this, but I was happy to get

the chance."

Living (the best of)

Life in My Dreams 




" . . . a work of genius.  That is the highest praise that I can give a book written for young children.”

Charles Ashbacher



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